Some links to other interesting sites about turning or woodworking:-

Artistic Collections

The Daniel Collection (UK)
The Del Mano Gallery (USA)
Beyond Wood (USA)
The Tasmanian Wood Design Collection (Australia)
The White House Collection of American Crafts (USA)
The Jane and Arthur Mason Collection (USA)


Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB) (UK) Branch List
British Woodturners Association - industrial turning (UK)
Register of Professional Turners (UK)
Cheam Woodturners Association (UK)
Surrey Association of Woodturners (UK)
Middlesex Woodturners Association (UK)
Avon & Bristol Woodturners (UK)
Cornwall Association of Woodturners (UK)
West Sussex Woodturners (UK)
Society of Ornamental Turners (UK)

American Association of Woodturners (AAW) (USA) Chapter List

Western Cape Woodturners Association (Cape Town, South Africa)
Johannesburg Woodturners (South Africa)
Peninsula Woodturners Guild (Australia)
Sydney Woodturners Guild (Australia)
National Association of Woodworkers New Zealand (New Zealand)
CraftWeb (Global)


Jon Holden (ESW Member, UK)
David Springett (UK)
Laymar Crafts Woodturning (Richard Stapley, UK) *** Links Galore ***
Jennie Starbuck (UK)
Gregory Moreton RPT (UK)
Turned Wooden Bowls - Terry Vaughan (UK)
Paul Nesbitt - Woodturner (UK)
The late Dave Bradsworth's Creative Woodturning (UK)
Tobias Kaye (UK)
Alan Green's Woodturning Reference (UK)
The Woodturner's Workshop (UK)
Mick Hanbury (UK)
Mark Hancock (UK)

Max Krimmel (Wood and Alabaster turnings) (USA)
Soren Berger (New Zealand)


Woodturning (UK)
Woodworkers Institute Resources site run by GMC Publications, owners of Woodturning magazine (UK)
Woodturning Design (USA)
More Woodturning (USA)

UK Suppliers - Lathes and Tools

Myford Lathes
Axminster Power Tools
Henry Taylor Tools Limited
Robert Sorby
Ashley Iles
Crown Hand Tools Ltd
Hamlet Craft Tools
Poolewood Machinery
DGR Designs

UK Suppliers - Finishes

Chestnut Products

UK Suppliers - Timber and General Turning Supplies

Stiles and Bates (Great service!)
The ToolPost
Yandles of Martock (Timber Specialists)
Turners' Retreat (Sorby Specialists; now incorporating Craft Supplies UK)
Snainton Woodworking
South London Hardwoods
Isaac Lord (and Toolbank Online)
Ockenden Timber
Wood By Post (worth visiting just for the newsletters!)

UK Suppliers - Clocks, Barometers and Other Project Accessories

Bude Time
Clock Parts
Craft Material Supplies
Megaquartz UK
Clockparts UK

US Suppliers etc

Craft Supplies (USA)
Miller Publishing Corp (USA)
Woodcraft Home Page (USA)

Other International Suppliers etc

Teknatool (New Zealand)
Woodcut Tools (New Zealand)

General Turning or Wood Sites

British Trees (UK)
Sofas and Sectionals - Woodturning Resources Page (USA)
Woodentops - South East London & West Kent Branch of the British Woodcarvers Association (UK)
British Woodcarvers Association (UK)
Woodworking on the Web (Coeur du Bois, UK)
The Wood Explorer (Lots of wood species info, USA)
The Hobbit House (Lots of wood species info and images, USA)
Wood Poster (Posters of wood species images, USA)
WoodWeb (USA)
The Bespoke Wood Company - wooden signs (UK)
Decorative Puzzles (UK); some really inspiring ideas for adding other woodcraft to your turning.

All these links were fully functioning when this page was posted - apologies if any are no longer valid (I know how infuriating this can be!). Please let me know if this happens (using the link below), and I can do something about it. No endorsement of any site or product is implied - we're just trying to help you find web sites which could be of use.